Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt.


Orla Gildea believes in the power of drama for self-confidence, creativity, fun and overall personal development. To this end, Orla Gildea has been running her school of speech and drama for the twenty one years.

Individual attention is provided to each student, and emphasis is placed on developing each child’s confidence, speech, fluency and participation. The classes focus on all aspects of speech and drama studies (see Content of Classes section). Irish Board of Speech and Drama Grade Examinations are held in the school once a year, and a certificate is presented to each student. Students also have opportunities to participate in Speech and Drama Festivals held during the year.

Orla runs her own private Feis for students in November, and class presentations for parents are held twice a year. This gives an opportunity for parents to see work carried out in the class and is also an excellent opportunity for students to gain confidence in performing in front of an audience. In this school, special emphasis is placed on devised theatre and process drama. Students’ ideas are incorporated through the use of text, mime, movement, music and voice.

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