Highly recommend Orla Gildea – Marion.

Orla’s wonderful classes promote confidence, encouragement & support to each and every one of her students to achieve their potential. Orla has a remarkable and wonderful way with children, teenagers and young adults. She brings out the very best in each and everyone of them. I could not ever thank her enough for the wonderful journey my children and indeed myself had throughout our time spent in Orla’s classes both at speech and drama level to Explore Youth Theatre level. Throughout all Orla’s classes each student learns skills they will carry with them their whole life. All of this is achieved in a safe space, whilst having fun, with emphasis on encouragement to be creative & innovative and generates a life long love for the arts. I highly recommend Orla as a teacher and facilitator – Finula.

Both of my children attended Orla’s speech and drama classes throughout their time in primary school, they always enjoyed the classes and their confidence grew so much from all of the performances over the years. Orla is such a patient teacher, always encouraging and very positive, it was a truly enjoyable & beneficial experience for my children and I would highly recommend the classes to all parents – Grace.

Having started Speech and Drama with Orla at 10 years old, Orla has has an incredible impact on my development into a confident young woman. I studied with Orla for 8 years and still return back to her teachings today as a 22 year old.

Speech and Drama was incredible influentially in turning me from a painfully shy and quiet child into a passion, confident, and well-spoken adult. Not only did Orla have this incredible impact, but my memories throughout her classes are full of laughter and positivity. The love for drama and theatre instilled in me from Orla’s lessons impacted me so much that I chose to study Drama and Theatre at a university level, which is also something Orla has continuously supported and offered insightful advice about.

Orla is a wonderful teacher who ensures each and every student gets the attention and guidance they deserve. Her classes are joyous and fun, while remaining educational. Truly no better teacher for Speech and Drama! – Lara

Our daughter has attended Speech & Drama classes with Orla from an early age. The skills and self confidence she has gained over twelve years are immeasurable, all while having fantastic fun and making good friends. Orla is a wonderful mentor and teacher and delivers her classes in a calm supportive environment with respect, patience, warmth and professionalism – Barbara.

Orla’s knowledge of drama and theatre craft, along with her understanding of young people, enables her to nurture and develop their confidence (even the most shy) and talent, making her an outstanding drama teacher – Tamara.

My Daughter is with Orla for a few years now and growing in confidence year after year which is fantastic, she enjoys her class every week and I would highly recommend Orla’s drama groups, thanks Orla for another great year, looking forward to seeing you again in September – Martina & Méabh.

Both my son & daughter have attended Orla’s speech and drama classes over the past few years and have really enjoyed them, Orla has really brought on their confidence and they have gained great experience with Feis’s and exams. During Covid she held classes via zoom so it was great they were able to continue and it was something to look forward to during that time. Orla has a great way of communicating with the kids and bringing out the best in them, I would highly recommend Orla’s school! – Judith.

My daughters have been attending Orla’s speech and drama classes for over ten years. They look forward to her classes every week. The girls advances are obvious, their diction has improved, they have gained confidence, have decreased inhibitions and enhanced their social skills. Both girls now have a clear sense of what effective communication is. Orla is brilliant with children, she creates a fun environment in her classes where each child can develop skills at his/her own pace. Orla has helped my daughters achieve strong results in their grade exams. Learning off lines for performances has improved memory which has really been of benefit, in particular to my eldest daughter in secondary school. Both my children now know how to deliver a performance that audiences engage with and will remember. Having Orla as a role model, my daughters have developed life skills that they take with them and use each and every day. They now have a passion for performing and entertaining. I cannot recommend Orla’s school of speech and drama enough – Niamh.

My daughter has attended Orla Gildea School of Speech and Drama for the past 5 years or so. I highly recommend Orla if your child is interested in acting or drama. Only a small number of children attend each class leading to the creation of a strong bond between the actors and individual attention from Orla. Her experience guides the children as they perform in a “no fuss” annual show containing monologues, duologues, poetry recital, and small group performances. Orla also helps the children prepare for their Irish School of Drama assessments. On top of the development of acting skills I notice that Orla’s classes help with confidence building and speaking. My daughter looks forward to Orla’s class each week and I feel that Orla has helped her explore her personality and create the confident and funny teenager that she is today. Thank you Orla! – Daithi.

Brilliant Drama School. Orla is an excellent teacher who genuinely cares for her students. She wants nothing but the best for her students and makes sure every student is involved. She runs a very professional drama school in a terrific setting in Leixlip. The effort put into grade exams and performances is second to none. Highly recommend this school – Clodagh.

As the parent of a fairly active 5yr old boy I would really like to congratulate Orla for all the work she has done with him and the rest of his classmates. We started classes over zoom last year and have continued the classes in person this year. All the children are really happy attending the classes, and their personalities and confidence has grown throughout the year, with Orla’s help and guidance. I would really recommend Orla to anyone who is thinking of speech and drama – Diarmuid.

An excellent teacher who has the ability to bring out the best in all her students. A real confidence builder – Michelle.

Orla is really wonderful to work with and also teach. She is so kind to offer her time and thoughts continually. I would not have made my current film had it not been for our introduction at an online course, and it’s been a great trip with her and our project – Stephen.